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The Krantz Syncro tumble-relax dryer

The Krantz Syncro tumble-relax dryer secures the achievement of first class fabric results because of the controlled process guiding and the drying with low tension. All parameters can be adjusted individually so that every fabric can be treated in an optimal way and can become a premium product.

Before the fabric will be guided to the dryer through the entry combination an overfeed and pining device can be installed in combination with an overstretching zone optionally. These elements provide by a lubrication-free chain the controlled overstretching of the fabrics. This allows that the fabric can be traced back to the basic structure later on.

The dryer of the Krantz Syncro is suited for every kind of fabric and allows variable processes. Woven and knitted goods as well as different heavy articles can be treated in tubular or in open width form in one or more layers side by side. Processes such as drying, shrinking, interrmediate drying or drying for formation of fabric can be proceeded here on only one production line. Already in the beginning of the drying process very low residual shrinkage values and a high quality of the fabric can be achieved by intensive thermal treatment. In the next step the tumbler enhances the status of the fabrics significantly regarding the optimal development of the volume, the grip of the fabric and the lowest residual shrinkage value. The combined stepped nozzles are important elements for achieving the result of premium goods because of the balanced and well harmonized ventilation of the fabrics.




Of course the Krantz Syncro tumble relax dryer is sustainable and energy-efficient. Because of the patented Econ-Air energy saving system the inserted and heated air will be used in an optimal way so that energy can be saved sustainably and production costs can be reduced.


The big sliding doors of the Syncro allow a good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. The automatic belt-filter system improves the easy handling of the range and prevents losses of the system performance due to excessive lints, build-up on the filter belt.