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The upgradings

Meet new requirements

Productions need to be adaptable to the changes caused by proceeding time. This can easily be realized with machines of the brands Artos, Krantz and Stentex. Upgrading from an oil circulation heating system to a gas heating system or the other way round. Convert a pin chain into a combination chain or convert a lubricated chain into a lubrication-free chain? These are only a few examples which can be realized with our constructions components.

Image Combination chain

Chain top parts

Changing to other chain top parts – this can be realized easily with our components.

Image gas heating

Heating system

The change from oil circulation heating to gas heating or the other way round can be realized easily because we own the construction data for the correct components.

Image Selvedge cutting device

Selvedge cutting device

You want to upgrade your production from woven to knitted goods? With our supplemental expander rollers and our selvedge cutting device nothing can get in the way of this upgrading.