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techtextil - Connecting the future

techtextil - Connecting the future

9th - 12th May 2017 techtextil - Connecting the future

Techtextil 2017 | Texprocess 2017

Under the motto “Connecting the future”, we presented our portfolio of machinery consisting of our Artos/Babcock textile finishing machines at the Techtextil trade fair. The focus of our display was the Unistar tenter frame dryer, which is particularly suited to finishing woven fabrics since it enables consistent and sustained production even under high fabric tensions. At the heart of the machine is the horizontal chain, a lubricant-free and highly durable sliding-piece chain. The benefits of the chain in comparison with commonly used ball-bearing chains come to the fore when used on carpets and coatings with very high tensions. There are no wearing parts in the chain conveyors of the sliding-piece chain. Another advantage is that no lubricants/oils can penetrate the chain conveyors or the dryers, where they would vaporise. This means there is no condensation in the air circulation of the tenter frame dryer, which consequently does not become dirty.

The Artos horizontal chain allows for easy handling with very limited downtime. The dryer does not take long to cool off since the chain can simply be pulled out, and wearing parts can be replaced. Long run times and minimal costs are just two more of the machine’s advantages.

Interspare offers the patented Econ Air Energy Saving System with a view to improving sustainability and energy-efficient production.

The Duett dryer with 2 temperature zones is available for the carpet industry. All of the mentioned products and components are based on many years of development carried out by ARTOS/Babcock Textilmaschinen and have been further developed over the course of several decades. Many clients all over the world use these products and value the advantages that they offer. iNTERSPARE is perpetuating this tradition by continuing to make these textile machines available. 


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