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Happy New Year Party iNTERSPARE 2018

The best company atmosphere

2018 New Year’s celebrations at iNTERSPARE

For the New Year’s Celebrations 2018 vs. Christmas Celebrations 2017, Managing Director and owner Dirk Polchow prepared a very special surprise for his employees.

Once the employees of Interspare GmbH had arrived at the reception of the Hotel Waldesruh in Aumühle on 19th January 2018, Mr Polchow gave a welcoming speech. 2017 was a very successful business year for Interspare GmbH, which should now be celebrated in style. The employees could refill their plates as often as they pleased with the culinary delights available at the buffet.

During the meal, a truly top-class waiter made quite an impact. “Sir Julian” brought fun to the meal on a silver platter.

Although everyone initially thought he was part of the hotel’s hospitality team, after the meal it became clear that he had been booked!

With a perfect dash of humour, service and entertainment, he transformed the evening into a truly top-class company event.

The dining room was turned into a stage, on which various employees suddenly found themselves mixed up in a marvellous story.

Fascinating fire tricks, wonderful finger acrobatics, fantastic juggling.

Laughter was abundant and the celebrations continued long into the night.

The Interspare GmbH team was hugely appreciative of such a fantastic start to 2018.

 Interspare New Year’s Celebrations 2018 vs. Christmas Celebrations 2017


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