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Company tour at iNTERSPARE

Companytour at interspare

The young pupils greatly enjoyed being able to examine some specimens of the fabrics we produce for our clients. They were extremely interested in the different types of material and sample items. Virtually all of the pupils were amazed by the sheer number of material variations that are possible. Their interest was piqued above all when Mr Büchner explained the different structures of various textiles. As a result, all the pupils discovered that there are many more materials and fibres in objects than they had previously thought.  They found this absolutely fascinating.

After this short yet informative introduction, the pupils were shown around our new production hall. There, Mr Büchner touched upon our various manufacturing machines and explained their functions. A particular highlight for the pupils was of course our spraying room. They looked on with amazement at how various manufactured components were painted with such ease.

Mr Büchner also explained the various components stored in our warehouse, which is also used as a pre-assembly hall. Given that this is also where our electronics department is located, he clarified which kinds of cables are required to make a machine function and how complicated the cabling can sometimes be.

At the end of the tour, the pupils took home an Interspare bag with a free pad and pen as a little reminder of our company.

We very much enjoyed giving the young pupils an insight into our company, and hope that what they learnt with us might one day be useful when they come to choose a career.

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