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Lenze, Siemens S5 – S7

To keep on doing justice to the Siemens S5-System which was used in the past we are now installing VIPA controls. These controls are also programmable in Step 7. Furthermore VIPA is worldwide available and the controls can be programed and diagnosed by program tools of SIEMENS in the case of an error. To have a generation of frequency converters available for a longer time we use components of the company Lenze. As a result the existing „Masterdrive“ Systems will be exchanged by Lenze modules. Lenze is worldwide known and is existent in nearly every country (as well as VIPA). These series are new and therefore they will be still available for many years.

Furthermore we install a "Comfortpanel" by SIEMENS (TP1500/TP1900) instead of an industry computer with hard disk. The „Comfortpanel“ has the program on a SD card and not on a hard disk. That means that the panel is stronger and more long-lasting. Without expert knowledge it is not possible to install programs and therefore the panel is very safe concerning handling for the operator.