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Mr. Carsten Kalek and Dirk Polchow founded the Kalek and Polchow GbR the 03.01.1994 in Hamburg. As the CEOs they represent the company together until today.

Already 4 years later, on the 08.09.1998 they have changed the name of the company to Interspare GmbH. Fairly quickly it could establish itself as a reliable supplier of spare parts for textile machines in the textile finishing. This positive development of the spare parts for textile machines made it necessary to own greater storage capacities to meet the great demand of the spare parts. In the Röntgenstraße 8 in Reinbek (on the east side of Hamburg) the first building of the company was manufactured and Interspare could move into it in 1999. This building had enough storage capacities for the required amount of spare parts for textil machines. So it was possible to send the high quality spare parts as soon as possible to the customers all around the word.

An important step for the company was the 01.11.2007. On this day INTERSPARE took over all rights, patents, licenses and technical documentations by the company Moenus Textilmaschinen GmbH including the spare parts warehouse for the following brands:

Also by having all of the original documents of Hacoba it is possible for Interspare, as the original parts supplier, to easily supply you with the correct parts for your existing equipment or offer alternatives for no longer available parts.

Some employees who had worked for Moenus Textilmaschinen GmbH for long time are now working for our company. This means that also the long-termed know-how is now a part of Interspare.

Because of this knowledge and services - in addition to the original spare parts - also the service as well as extensionsmodernizations and upgradings of existing machines can be offered. Interspare is now also manufacturer from new machines as for example the Artos Unistar and Krantz K30 stenter frame or the Krantz Syncro shrink dryer.

Since the company took over the brands in 2007 the high demand of products for the famous and successful brand names a further enlargement was necessary. So a new logistic-center was built with a preassembly area and manufacturing of parts with over 3.000 square meters in the Röntgenstraße 31-33. Since 2011 the products and components are sent out all over the world from this building.

Also the enlargement of the office area followed quickly. Already in August 2012 the employees of Interspare moved into their new offices. This building is a modern passive house construction in the Röntgenstraße 31-33 in Reinbek.

The next enlargement is now in planning. In the Carl-Zeiss Straße in Reinbek a new production hall will be built until summer 2016. This production hall has a size of over 3000 square meters and will be used for complex textile machines and for components. This means that Interspare will offer more jobs in the future to meet the growing requirements.

Through this production hall it is in the future possible to realize more and more projects of machine components and complete new machines.