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The Artos Unistar stenter frame

The Artos Unistar stenter frame is perfectly designed for woven fabric finishing lines. Constant and even productions are also possible with high fabric tensions.

The fabric will be taken from the entry combination and will be guided centrically towards the stenter frame. An optional straightening unit can already in the beginning take care of high quality fabric results in the finishing processes. During the further procedure the overfeed and pinning device provides with its bristle belt the accurate and constant deep and long pinning-on of the fabric. Absolute precision is guaranteed in this process. The legendary Artos horizontal chain – constructed for extreme width tensions of the fabrics – uses synthetic slide pieces and bushes. No lubricants and no wear parts are needed inside the chain rails. Consequently this causes minimal costs and allows long running times.


Of course the Artos Unistar stenter frame is sustainable and energy efficient. Because of the patented Econ-Air energy saving system the inserted and heated air will be used in an optimal way. The consequence is the significant saving of energy and the reduction of production costs. The patented Star-Jet nozzle system secures best fixing and residual shrinkage values of the fabric by distributing the temperature optimal and ventilating the fabric even and powerful. This provides a voluminous and soft grip of the fabric.