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Artos padders

The Vari-Flex dyeing padder

With its wide area of application in dyeing of woven and knitted fabrics the Vari-Flex padder satisfies in all necessary dyeing processes. The pneumatic system enables highest uniformity during the application of the colors and corrects potential errors out of the pre-treatment. The rollers can be set individually left-middle-right and are perfect coordinated. Optimal dyeing results can be achieved for every kind of fabric because of these rollers. The pneumatically liftable and lowerable trough is equipped with three submerged rollers and needs therefore lowest liquor contents to soak the fabric ideal. An additional cost advantage is the quick color exchange which minimizes the changeover times.

The Vari-Flex padder needs low maintenance, is easy to handle and can be integrated in stenter frame combinations and other application lines. Its stability, reliability and cost-effectiveness make it become a premium-product.

The Uni-Flex impregnation padder

The Uni-Flex impregnation padder is a guarant of outstanding impregnation results especially for knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics. The even induction of liquor and the mixing over the working width secure the optimal consumption of the chemicals. Excellent impregnation results can be achieved easily because of high precision of the two stabilized rollers which are perfectly harmonized with each other. The pneumatically liftable and lowerable trough is equipped with one submerged roller and provides with little liquor content and permanent liquor exchange very even impregnations. A deep immersion trough is the solution for processes which need a longer immersion route. Optionally a displacer can be used and for heating or cooling a double wall trough can be offered.

The easy handling and maintenance as well as the long-life cycle allow a reduction of costs during the production.