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Interspare App

For Android and iOS

By using the Interspare App you can send your inquiries to us without investing much time and effort.

This App is very beneficial, if those employees use it who directly work at the machines. For example, if it is recognized that one part needs to be exchanged, this employee can quickly take a picture and send it to us via our Interspare App. We are going to identify the article and send a convenient offer to your purchase department. You are going to save a lot of time and effort, because you do not need to identify the articles and because we know about the existing demand very early. This enables us to make first prearrangements to guarantee a very quick availability of the spare part.

The download of the App is free of costs and the inquiries are non-binding. Quotations, orders etc. will be handled with your purchase department.


The Interspare App is installed for smartphones with Android or iOS operation systems.

ANDROID APP on Google Play Store

Type in “ Interspare “ in the Google Play Store or use the link to download the Interspare App.

iOS APP on Apple App Store

Type in “ Interspare “ in the Apple App Store or use the link to download the Interspare App.

After the successful installation and opening of the App you are asked to provide your data. During the completion of the account we automatically receive a message about your registration. After examining your provided data, we will activate your account.

Now you can send your inquiries very quickly and without big effort to us.

Just follow the menu navigation in the App and send us your inquiries. Please mention in every inquiry the according machine number so that an unproblematic and precise identification of the required spare part can be secured.

If you have any questions do not hesitate contacting us.